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Specialized Service Delivery

• Speech and language therapy
• Social Skills Groups
• L.O.V.E. Autism Parent Support Group

Speech Therapy-Our speech and language services for children with Autism focus on improving social communication-whether verbal or augmentative. Each child is different, and a specific plan is developed based on individual needs.

Social Skills Groups-We provide group therapy services that focus on improving social skills and/or academic(reading) skills in children diagnosed with Autism.

L.O.V.E Autism Parent Support Group- L.O.V.E stands for “Loving Our Victories Everyday”. Our parent support group offers an opportunity for parents to gather at monthly group meetings to celebrate the large and small victories of their children with Autism. Parents learn about issues that children with Autism Spectrum Disorders face on a day to day basis. ABC also facilitates topics which have included “Managing Sensory Issues”, “Navigating holiday interactions” and “Maximizing Legislator Support”. Upcoming topics: “Talk to an Occupational Therapist” and “Benefits of Music Therapy”.

*Please contact ABC for group meeting information.

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